What are ServiceNow Managed Services?

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Behind every great experience is a great workflow, ServiceNow is a cloud-based workflow automation software that connects people, functions, and systems across your organisation, which helps mitigate solo work environments even remotely. After your successful ServiceNow implementations, your organisation may face new challenges to delivering support capability and optimising your ServiceNow investment through continuous improvements and up-to-date upgrades.

TCloud’s Managed Services can make your job easier, whether you’re a business leader or an experienced IT professional
our ServiceNow Managed Services give you the benefits and capability of an IT Department with the knowledge of seasoned people to focus on
the application operations to your company’s business and users.

Managed Services support helps the organisation to: 

  • Increase the capabilities of your company’s end-users
  • Allow in-house IT to concentrate on more strategic IT initiatives
  • Allow your employees to focus on your company’s core skills

Signs that your company will benefit from Managed Services
include the following:

  • “Due to a lack of Service and Support, we were unable to achieve what we desired last year”
  • “We need someone to provide guidance, I have queries from time to time and need advice”
  • “We need to proactively monitor and resolve issues before they impact productivity and availability”
  • “We need to ensure a seamless upgrade experience and at the same time to ensure no post-upgrade outages and downtime to business “

The Demand for ServiceNow Managed Services

IT managers are under intense pressure to achieve high reliability for IT performance, operational objectives, and security requirements as well as keep expenses and costs within budget. Most financial experts would advise switching to a predictable pricing model, such as that of a managed service, in these circumstances.

Our focus is on the following points while connecting
with any client to:

  • Develop long-term strategic objectives
  • Optimise your ServiceNow platform with unused licensed capabilities
  • Provide support and guidance with general administrative tasks
  • Diagnostics of potential issues that may impact application performance.
  • Proactively monitor and resolve issues before they impact productivity and availability
  • Support through the platform upgrade process, to ensure a seamless upgrade experience

As you are probably aware ServiceNow has expanded from its roots in IT Service Management to a bigger offering in various digital workflow capabilities for organisations that connects all business processes from customer service to HR to security and so much more. 

With the expansion of various strategic applications in Technology workflows, Employee workflows, Customer workflows, and Creator workflows, ServiceNow helps your employees to maximise their skillsets and talent to empower your businesses.

With such a spectrum of product capabilities, you wanted to maximise your ServiceNow investment but on the other hand, you are wondering do we have a ServiceNow support personnel or team who can support all these applications by themselves.

This often makes you wonder whether your present ServiceNow support team may be inexperienced with a new technology or is incapable of sustaining new services or applications, which is obviously not the case.

Majority of the organisation prefers to outsource their ServiceNow support to the managed service provider so that they can utilise their constantly upskilled resources to drive transformation and boost process efficiencies, where your in-house team can drive it strategically instead of diving into development on an ongoing basis.

They are very effective for organisations that:

  • Want to get your ServiceNow platform to an optimal state to meet the needs of your organisation in any existing and planned capabilities
  • Want a reliable ServiceNow team who constantly uplifts their platform knowledge to adequately support their day-to-day business procedures
  • Want to pay a single monthly flat cost for services to deliver a high level of service quality to the company
  • Do not have enough trained personnel or time to deal formally with proper maintenance, patching, and upgrades

In today’s post-pandemic world, a managed service provider is not just an outsourced vendor that keeps the lights on, but they can become your greatest hope to boost process efficiencies in your organisation with a state-of-the-art cloud platform that you already own.

Benefits of working with ServiceNow Managed Services Provider

The ideal ServiceNow Managed Services collaboration extends beyond day-to-day operations. Over time, your MSP should be able to assist you in overcoming fundamental operational and procedural challenges. Their understanding of your specific environment, along with their talents, enables them to develop cost-effective IT solutions with a solid long-term ROI.

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Cost Control

The cost variables for a business service are determined by an organisation’s need for availability and the criticality of a service.
MSPs typically charge a subscription fee for their services. Pricing is usually based on the number of monthly support hours needed, with pricing tied to bundles across a variety of support packages, depending on the services chosen.

Basic services frequently begin with a monitoring service that highlights potential problems that you must fix on your own.
On the other end of the spectrum, service providers provide comprehensive managed services that cover everything from alarms to problem solutions.

Apart from fixed costs negotiated upfront, the most significant advantage is that a corporation may select how much to scale based on considerations such as finance and the CIO’s strategic vision. ServiceNow service interruptions and outages can also be avoided, reducing the risk of additional losses, especially in opportunity costs.

Risk Management

Every business and system involves some level of risk. This can be mitigated by minimising the specific risk associated with each important business function identified.
A managed service provider can help reduce risk by bringing their proprietary processes as well as their intellectual knowledge in supporting those commonly occurring issues and requests. This ensures that best practices are followed and that the risk associated with service delivery is minimised.

The Managed Services Provider manages the risk by:

  • Having specific industry knowledge
  • Security and Compliance Management
  • Collaborating with your company and advising you on the best method to prevent risk in your areas of expertise

Accountability, Efficiency, and Productivity

When it comes to IT services, the proverb “time is money” is always true. Many firms prioritise the continuous availability of mission-critical IT services for optimal corporate performance same principle applies to ServiceNow support.

It is difficult to calculate the exact cost of downtime. However, you can take proactive measures to avoid it entirely.
At worst, the reputational risk may play a role if the outage is brought to the attention of those outside the organisation, potentially undermining public faith.

When a client chooses ServiceNow managed service, one of the main criteria is a provider with great credibility and performance with less downtime, and critical applications may contain numerous technologies that must be fully functioning and integrated to provide the IT service needed.

For the IT service to perform well for internal end-users, all component applications must be available at the same time.
A managed service provider can assure optimum uptime and minimal service interruptions.

Future-proof IT

IT departments will face funding, technical, security, and operational issues in the future as you seek ways to cut costs.
ServiceNow managed service provider will always train their personnel on future and new releases, as well as new technologies, and will be able to lock in pricing for a multi-year period. By increasing predictability, your company will reduce operational risk and issues while also minimising service disruption. 

Why go for an External ServiceNow MSP?

MSPs supplement, rather than replace current staff, MSPs support your employees so that they can focus on more important matters and better lead and deliver on the strategic IT programs required to accomplish the business goal projections.

TCloud Consulting is for Managed Services

Consider taking advantage of numerous managed service packages as you invest in a new application to keep on top of IT business needs and minimise unsystematic risks. If you are looking to invest in the ServiceNow platform we can help you with licensing, Implementation, Integration, and Upgrades, reach out to us and one of our professional consultants will be happy to assist you on your digital journey.