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ATF Agent

“Simplify test maintenance and reduce time and effort in creating step-by-step tests.”

ATF agent

Why do you need it?

ServiceNow releases two major product versions each year.
With this frequency, it means that customers on an N-1 agreement would need to upgrade at least once a year to maintain ServiceNow support.

Platform testing is a crucial part of any system upgrade, and manual testing is time-consuming and costly, especially running regression tests on hundreds of Catalogue Items.

ATF Tests on Service Portal, and automates test step creation for Catalogue Items, through real usage patterns. It simplifies test maintenance and reduces the time and effort to create step-by-step tests for execution readiness at the ATF engine.

atf agent

How does it work?

ATF Agent helps to create new sets of tests each time you need it and you can easily create as many tests as you want on Catalogue Items. This allows you to keep the previous tests as they were and encourages more test creation to associate with the organisation’s Change Management process.

Most importantly, ATF tests and their test steps can be easily exported into MS Word to be shared with your business use for their user acceptance test.

If you would like to test drive, ATF Agent yourself our app is available for free on the ServiceNow app store, click the button below.