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Document Merge

“Generate MS Word documents through binding of pre-designed MS Word templates with any information stored in ServiceNow.”

Document merge

Why do you need it?

Document Merge creates documents that perfectly fit your corporate design without the need to train the usage of another editor as all templates are built using the Microsoft Word application. You can utilise your MS Word Templates and just add placeholders for the exported data into the MS document.


How does it work?

Document Merge generates MS Word documents for any ServiceNow tables and data from its related lists.
MS Word document generates automatically and is attached back to the record, either keeping the latest version or stored as multiple time-stamped MS Word file attachments.

Document Merge can be used in any process and is not limited to GRC audit documents, reports, risk assessment reports, purchase orders, bank guarantee or bonds application forms, and many other use cases.

If you would like to test drive, Document Merge yourself our app is available for free on the ServiceNow app store, click the button below.